Actuarial, financial, and social security consultancy services.
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In CERTUS Consulting we are committed with our customers to offer high quality actuarial and financial assessments in a very efficient and innovative way being our main areas of expertise the following.


Actuarial Valuations

Every labor relationship generates contingent liabilities that due to their origin are difficult to know when will be paid. An inadequate management of these liabilities can worsen the financial situation of the companies when difficult times arise. In CERTUS Consulting we help our customers to determine the value of such contingent liabilities and guide them to properly recognize the liabilities in their Financial Statements under the provisions of the Financial Accounting Standards.


Design, Valuation and Implementation of Pension Plans

Pension Plans are becoming more relevant to individuals in Mexico and they represent a tool for Human Resources departments that help to attract and retain key talent into the companies. In CERTUS Consulting we have experience in the creation of tailored Pension Plans and their successful implementation helping companies to match their resources with their goals and objectives.

For those companies that already have a Pension Plan, we also provide our services to analyze what is the current situation of the Plan and help them to efficiently manage the assets and liabilities related to it.


Complete Guidance for Retirement

Retirement is a very important period in our life, and in order to enjoy this period it is critical to have an adequate planning during our entire life. Having this in mind, in CERTUS Consulting we have developed tools that enable individuals to define a financial plan aligned with their expectations, and provide alternatives to maximize their benefits.


Total Compensation

In Mexico, Companies spend a significant amount of their resources in their employees’ compensation. An adequate scheme allows companies to be competitive and in line with market practices and company’s goals in order to leverage both economic and human resources. In CERTUS Consulting we help our clients to identify opportunities related to Total Compensation.


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