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Herein you can find a selected group of projects that represent an example of our commitment to create solutions for our customers helping them to change their future now.


SOLFI Soluciones Financieras

SOLFI is a company offering financial services to individuals that want to start a snall business or want to make it grow. At CERTUS Consulting we have had the opportunity to work with them and help them in properly managing their contingent liabilities related to terminations and seniority premiums over the last three years where their sales force has grown exponentially and, consequently, their liabilities have also grown in the same way making more relevant to have a clear management of such obligations, which through the actuarial valuation we guide our customers to ensure an adequate management of these obligations.

A success story shared by CERTUS Consulting and SOLFI is the creation of their Pension Plan benefiting all the personnel representing a Human Resources’ tool to retain talent, especially during the first two years when the company was experiencing very high turnover rates. This Plan is a very attractive option for SOLFI’s employees to build a patrimony for their retirement.



As part of the services we provide at CERTUS Consulting we provide guidance for individuals to plan their retirement. With SPG we developed a program for the executives of the company to guide them in creating a financial plan to fund their retirement in a simple and effective way tailored to every individual needs.

In this project we identified that less than 5% of the executives at SPG had an adequate plan for their retirement and base on the help we provided, currently 100% have a structured investment plan for their retirement providing them the options they have avilable to properly fund their retirement.


Retirement Planning Seminar

Being aware of the importance of an adequate planning of the retirement both from a human perspective as well as a financial perspective, in CERTUS Consulting we have developed an 8 hours program that provide to individuals the basics of the retirement in order to ensure that this period is enjoyed.

Surprisingly the individuals start to worry about retirement when they are close to the retirement age, however, the sooner you take care about this issue the easiest it is to reach a good pension. For this reason the seminar has been developed for all ages from 22 up to 65.


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